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Only Surviving Shakespeare Written Script Now Online: Today In Books

Only Surviving Shakespeare Written Script Now Online

The Booke of Sir Thomas More and his will are possibly the only surviving pieces showing William Shakespeare’s handwriting. The full scanned manuscript of The Booke of Sir Thomas More–“The play itself is the work of several dramatists, and the original text, from sometime between 1590 and 1605, is a patchwork of pages of insertions and six different scribal hands, Shakespeare’s very likely among them.”–has now been uploaded to the British Library for all to see.

Mary Trump Is Free To Promote Her Book

While Simon & Schuster, the publishers of Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man, had been allowed to continue with publishing Mary Trump’s tell-all book about her uncle, Donald Trump, she was under court order prohibiting her from promoting her book in the media. On Monday, Judge Hal Greenwald of the New York State Supreme Court lifted the temporary restraining order and Mary Trump is now free to promote the book.

Strand Book Store Layoffs After Rehires

At the beginning of the pandemic, the Strand Book Store laid off 188 booksellers, all but 18 union members. For their June 22 in-store reopening they rehired 30 union workers, and on July 6th hired 15 more, only to layoff 12 of the new hires on July 7th. Owner Nancy Bass-Wyden says she was too optimistic and in-store buying is non-existent. A statement issued by their union accuses Bass-Wyden of “wanton disregard” and “inferred that the bookstore had overstated the number of employees who remained on payroll in its application to the SBA [Small Business Administration]” which shows they received $1-2 million in government assistance.

Seeking Safe Spaces

As bookstores reopen, owners are prioritizing safety for employees and customers above all else. Find out what’s happening from the sources.