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HAIR LOVE Short To Be Series On HBO Max: Today In Books

Hair Love Short To Be Series On HBO Max

The Oscar-winning short Hair Love, which is also a lovely book by  Matthew A. Cherry and illustrated by Vashti Harrison, is going to be a 12-episode series (at least the first season) on HBO Max. Young Love will take the family from Hair Love and expand their story. Can’t wait!

About That Harper’s Letter

Harper’s Magazine published a letter warning of the dangers of “censoriousness” (Merriam-Webster: the act of blaming or condemning sternly). The letter is being criticized for multiple failings, from not even being in agreement of what the unnamed but obvious “cancel culture” is to its many “bad-faith specifics and anti-trans dog whistles“–to name a couple. It’s also important to note that Harper Magazine does not pay Editorial Internships which is certainly a huge barrier that keeps many voices (anyone who can’t afford to work for free) excluded.

Minnesota’s New Bookstore

The Twin Cities has a new bookstore filling in a gap: Black Garnet Books is billed as currently Minnesota’s only all-Black owners bookstore. And, as with many great things nowadays, it was manifested after Dionne Sims, co-owner, tweeted that the state didn’t have a Black-owned bookstore (Ancestry Books and Uhuru Books having closed). The viral tweet caught the attention of fellow Minnesotan Muna Abdulahi who wanted to help rectify that issue. “’There are enough Black and racially diverse authors to fill a bookstore,’ Sims explained. ‘We don’t have to be just a little shelf in the corner labeled ‘diverse books’”.

Librarians in Phoenix Become Healthcare Workers

With no city public health department, the City of Phoenix repurposes librarians as public health workers.