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Sherlock Holmes’ Teen Sister Coming To Netflix!

Hello mystery fans! I found some interesting articles to click, there’s some news, a show I’ve been very excited for is finally here, and great Kindle deals!

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News And Adaptations

The Case of the Missing Marquess cover imageMillie Bobby Brown will play Sherlock Holmes’ teen sister in Netflix adaptation with Henry Cavill playing Sherlock! (Based on Enola Holmes Mysteries series by Nancy Springer)

Bones complete series set on sale digitally at iTunes (Limited time)

Twin Peaks inspired a lasting legacy of smalltown weirdness in television


Your House Will Pay cover imageLos Angeles Times Book Prizes Winners Announced! and Steph Cha’s acceptance speech hours before her water broke!

Bosch will have a seventh season and it will be the series finale!

Watch Now

On Apple TV+: I really enjoyed the book Defending Jacob by William Landay (review) and was thrilled to hear it was being adapted and would star Chris Evans and Michelle Dockery (Love her in Good Behavior)! The book is a legal thriller about a father whose teenage son is suspected in another teen’s murder, and when I read it I thought it would be perfect for a series adaptation–it works so well for fans of legal thrillers, and procedurals, and family drama. And it’ll premiere today, April 24th! Here’s the trailer!

Kindle Deals

Yesterday cover imageIf you like mysteries with bite, and our current world with a slight twist: Yesterday by Felicia Yap is $2.99! (Review) (I don’t remember trigger warnings)

If you’re in the mood for a YA psychological: Little Monsters by Kara Thomas is $1.99! (Review) (TW suicide)

If you’re looking for a YA serial killer read, here is one I really enjoyed: Keep This to Yourself by Tom Ryan is $3.99! (Review)

kill the next oneIf you want the twistiest of thrillers: Kill the Next One by Federico Axat, David Frye (translator) is $2.99! (Review) (TW suicide–but don’t remember any others.) I never reread books, but I remember this being so twisty that I loved it, and it’s been so long I forgot the solve and have been debating coming back to it.

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