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Marvel Offers 12 Popular Comics Free Via App: Today In Books

Marvel Offers 12 Popular Comics Free Via App

Through the Marvel Unlimited app, users will have access to 12 popular Marvel comics free of charge until May 4th. If you’re downloading the app just for these comics, select the free comics option and there is currently no trial subscription or need to give a credit card. Check out the titles and get your comic read on.

Bush Was Terrified Of Pandemic In 2005 After Reading Book

President George W. Bush read an advanced copy of historian John M. Barry’s The Great Influenza while vacationing in 2005 which, according to Tom Bossert, left Bush obsessed with preparing for a pandemic. “‘A pandemic is a lot like a forest fire,’ Bush said at the time. ‘If caught early it might be extinguished with limited damage. If allowed to smolder, undetected, it can grow to an inferno that can spread quickly beyond our ability to control it.'”

A Great Chat With Stacey Abrams

Stacey Abrams spoke with American Libraries about her two nonprofits (Fair Fight and Fair Count), her upcoming book (Our Time Is Now: Power, Purpose, and the Fight for a Fair America), her family’s book club, and the role our libraries play in society. Spoiler alert, she’s awesome: “We are nerds to our core and we love reading.”