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KILLING EVE Season 3 to Premiere Early: Today in Books

Powell’s Books Rehires Over 100 Employees After Surge Of Online Orders

Thanks to the power of the Internet and online ordering, some good news: Powell’s Books in Portland, OR has re-hired over 100 employees that they had originally let go due to COVID-19 closure, in order to fulfill online orders. The store warned that some orders may be slow to ship because they’re taking the proper health and safety precautions, but that’s good news for so many booksellers who are especially hard-hit during this time. Keep ordering from indie bookstores, and consider donating to BINC.

KILLING EVE Season 3 Premiere Moved Up By 2 Weeks

Look, this global pandemic is a total disaster, but if you’re stuck at home, here is a silver lining! Season three of Killing Eve, based on the books by Luke Jennings, is coming to your screen a couple weeks sooner. If you like murder and humor and two strong heroines, then you need to get on this show ASAP. The first two seasons are streaming on Hulu, and season three will be on AMC.

DC Details How Comic Book Retailers Will Be Supported Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Like many industries, the comic book industry has felt the impact of COVID-19. With some major distributors halting shipping of new releases and ceasing publication of digital content, DC is supporting comic shops by making all releases between March 18 and June 24 fully returnable, and they’re covering shipping. This will help ease some of the financial burden that comes from loss of sales, and DC is looking into a more flexible distribution system to support brick and mortar retailers.