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A Hogwarts Digital Escape Room: Today In Books

Hello bibliophiles! We made it through the week: let’s take a deep breath, release our shoulders from our ears, and when needed take it just one minute at a time. We collected this week’s COVID-19 pieces for you, with some staying informed and a lot of needed escape reading. Remember to check in on each other, help where you can, and be kind.

A Pennsylvania library created a Hogwarts digital escape room; boredom be gone, we’re headed to Hogwarts!

Wondering how your favorite PRIDE AND PREJUDICE character would react to COVID-19 related social distancing? Cue dream sequence.

If you want one less thing to think about, including which book to read next, take this quiz and find your next book series to read while social distancing.

School has closed and the kids are quarantined at home? We have the best educational comics to start your sudden homeschool journey (and save your sanity).

One reader takes solace in and shares some advice on social distancing from WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING.

Looking for a quarantine reading list? Book Riot contributors list the books they’re planning to read while they stay home and practice social distancing.

Dear Sugar is back! Cheryl Strayed is giving advice as Sugar this Friday on the first episode of Live Wire House Parties.

Creative ways to keep your book life alive during quarantine.