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App Writes Haiku Based On Your Location: Today In Books

App Writes Haiku Based On Your Location

Keeping in mind that anything you use that’s free means you are the product OpenStreetMap Haiku is a fun app that writes a poem based on your geographical data. An added fun element with AI: Will you get a brilliant Haiku or one that makes little sense?

Even If You Don’t Read Romance This News Should Matter To All

Just as everyone was ditching work for the Christmas holiday break it became publicly known that the Romance Writers of America (RWA) board had sanctioned romance author Courtney Milan, a Chinese American woman, for tweeting that white author Kathryn Lynn Davis’ novel is a “racist mess.” Everything since then has basically been the lights being turned on at RWA spotlighting a lot of issues, many people quitting, and RWA continuing to make things worse. Here’s the breakdown of what’s been happening and here’s Mikki Kendall talking about how the issue of refusing to be inclusive and gate keeping is bigger than the romance genre.

T.S. Elliot Muse Letters Unveiled After 60 Years

Around 1,000 letters written by T.S. Eliot to his muse Emily Hale will be available this Thursday at Princeton University Library to students, researchers, and scholars after 60 years of being sealed in storage. “In 1956, Hale donated the letters under an agreement they wouldn’t be opened until 50 years after either her or Eliot’s death, whichever came second.”