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Shakespeare Gets Algorithmed: Today In Books

Shakespeare Gets Algorithmed

It has been believed that Shakespeare worked with a ghostwriter to complete Henry VIII, but who that uncredited author was has remained debatable among historians. Enter an algorithm: “Petr Plecháč of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague trained an algorithm to identify patterns in language and rhythm in all three playwrights’ works written during the same time period as Henry VIII.”

Idris Elba Adapting

Idris Elba’s production company will adapt a forthcoming book from #Merky Books, Stormzy’s publishing imprint. Teaching My Brother To Read by Derek Owusu will be adapted for television and tells the story of “Owusu as he tries to connect with his brother, who was increasingly getting into trouble, by offering him £50 ($64) for every book he reads.” Somebody pay me $64 per book I read, please and thank you.

New Book Club App

While Bookclubz has had a site for a while, it just launched an app for Android and iOS to help you keep your book club organized. You can manage invites, create polls, and keep track of all the books your group has read and rate the books. Did I mention it’s free?