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Adaptation Gives Harrison Ford A Furry Costar: Today In Books

Adaptation Gives Harrison Ford A Furry Costar

Jack London’s The Call of the Wild is now a film starring Harrison Ford and the “big-hearted dog Buck.” The adventure film set in the 1890s Gold Rush in the Alaskan Yukon will hit theaters February 21st, and we have a trailer.

Another Amazing Library Program

King County Correctional Facility and the King County Department of Public Defense partnered with The Seattle Public Library to create Read to Me: incarcerated parents record themselves reading children’s books, and their kids are given the recordings along with the read book and a note. And this is why my face is wet. May this program expand to all prisons and library systems.


While the RNC has denied bulk purchasing and claimed they were only “ordering copies to keep up with demand” for Triggered by Donald Trump Jr. there’s this pesky thing called receipts. In an FEC filing it shows that the Republican National Committee spent $94,800 at Books A Million for the book.