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Amazon Cuts Book Orders To Publishers: Today In Books

Amazon Cuts Book Orders To Publishers

Apparently Amazon’s warehouses are full and to reduce product congestion they have been cutting back on their orders to publishers. Independent publishers are feeling the cutbacks: “One publisher reported that an order placed last week was about 75% lower than an order placed last year at this time.”

Game Of Thrones Monopoly

Maybe the GOT fans in your life hated the ending so much you can’t see yourself gifting them the DVDs, but how about GOT Monopoly? You can play while the studios figure out which spinoffs will make it to our TVs and which will be axed.

Best Of 2019 Begins

Let the floodgates of everyone’s Best Of Lists break because here come all the lists. And here’s Kirkus’ Best Books of 2019. They’ve got eight categories including romance, debut, and memorable fictional families.