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History Of Free Internet In Public Libraries: Today In Books

History Of Free Internet In Public Libraries

Here’s a story many probably don’t know about: how librarian Jean Armour Polly worked in the ’90s to get the internet to the public via libraries, starting with a library in Liverpool, New York. And this was back when it was not the internet we know today. She was just inducted into the Internet Hall Of Fame and you should totally read about her here.

The Tides Are Turning?

After constant adaptation news I guess it was only a matter of time before cancellations and shelved-project news started coming in. Hulu will not be moving forward with the Ghost Rider series starring Gabriel Luna. It’s being blamed on a “creative impasse” and I am bummed not to have Luna as Robbie Reyes in his own series.

New Imprints!

Hearst Magazines is launching two new imprints for illustrated lifestyle books: Hearst Home and Hearst Kids. The first three book releases for Spring 2020 will be a Keto cookbook, kid’s cookbook, and a look at the amount of sugar hidden in our food. You can learn more here.