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Harry Potter Lego Castle Built By David Beckham: Today In Books

Harry Potter Lego Castle Built By David Beckham

According to Victoria (Posh Spice) Beckham’s social media posts, David Beckham recently sat down to build the Harry Potter Lego castle for his daughter Harper, who is “obsessed with Harry Potter.” But like most Lego builders know, sometimes you need a good chunk of time to build such things. Check out how long it’s taken and Victoria’s funny posts here.

Romance For RAICES

Romance authors and community members are holding a silent auction to help raise money for RAICES (Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services) and The Young Center. You can check out the items to bid on here–including Ripped Bodice gift cards, foodie crawls, signed books–and/or you can directly donate. So far they’ve raised $11,535.00!

A Look At Trade Shows Accommodations And Lack Of For People With Disabilities

Publishers Weekly took a dive into how accessible events, from ALA conferences to BookExpo, are for people with disabilities since it appears that, even with the Americans with Disabilities Act in place since the 90s, only recently did bookish trade shows and events start implementing accessibility. “Disability is too often excluded in discussions of diversity. But disability crosses racial, gender, sexuality, class, and national boundaries. People need to speak up, and the publishing industry needs to listen,” says the owner of Neverending Bookshop, Annie Carl.