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Pentagon Accused Of Holding Up Book For Other Book: Today In Books

Pentagon Accused Of Holding Up Book For Other Book

Former Defense Secretary James Mattis’ former communications director and chief speechwriter is accusing the Defense Department of stalling reviewing his memoir’s manuscript (for final approval) in favor of Mattis’ memoir release. “The government is only permitted ‘to safeguard classified information,’ said Mark Zaid, Snodgrass’s attorney. ‘The reality appears to be that [Pentagon] officials were deliberately slow-rolling the process in order to ensure Mattis’ book is published first.'” I vote take it to Judge Judy!

How To Get Run Over By A Truck To Be Adapted

That’s a hell of a title even before you find out it’s a true story based on Katie McKenna‘s experience of being hit by an eighteen-wheeler and being “taken to the best trauma hospital in New York — the prison hospital at Rikers Island.” I know! Now the memoir will be adapted into a CW series thanks to Ellen DeGeneres and the team behind the Come From Away musical.

Social Media Blocks The Vagina Bible Ads

US publisher Kensington claims that Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter blocked promotions of The Vagina Bible if they contained the words ‘vaginal’ or ‘vagina.’ Twitter claims it was not the use of the words: “The rejection of some of the promoted content was due to a combination of human error and violations, including the use of profanity and adult products.” Not better, my dude.