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Most Used Adjectives For Men And Women: Today In Books

Most Used Adjectives For Men & Women

When data proves what we already know: 3.5 million books published in English were computer analyzed to see the difference in how men and women were described. “We are clearly able to see that the words used for women refer much more to their appearances than the words used to describe men. Thus, we have been able to confirm a widespread perception, only now at a statistical level.” Check out all the data here.

Marley Dias Rocks!

The Guardian has done a great profile on Marley Dias–the girl who started a movement for Black girl lead books after being assigned too many books in school “…about a white boy and his dog.” From the hashtag #1000BlackGirlBooks to the White House, she’s still inspiring girls to find their passion and help others–and she even has a memoir: Marley Dias Gets it Done: And So Can You!

Andrew Carnegie’s Money And Public Libraries

In a time where there is a lot of discussion about wealth and not being able to take it with you when you’re 6 feet under, this is a really interesting article from The Atlantic about how much money Andrew Carnegie gave to public libraries. Starting in 1883, and for around 35 years, Carnegie donated money that helped build about 1,700 libraries in the U.S. and 800 around the world.