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The Great Book Scare: Today In Books

The Great Book Scare

Have you ever heard about the Great Book Scare? With the death of librarian Jessie Allan, who died from tuberculosis inĀ 1895, many began to believe that library books could spread deadly diseases. Read all about the panic and its effect on libraries here. I’ll be over here hugging a library book.

Must-Read Forgotten Classic

Here’s a super interesting piece about a short story many don’t know about but should: Address Unknown by Kressmann Taylor. First published as a short story in a magazine, and then a novel, it tells the tale of a Jewish person in San Fransisco and their German business partner’s letters to each other in 1933. Read about the novel, why the author was made to use a pseudonym (SPOILER she’s a woman!), and more here.

Motherless Brooklyn Trailer

Edward Norton, Bruce Willis, and Leslie Mann star in Motherless Brooklyn, an adaptation of Jonathan Lethem’s novel, where a detective with Tourette Syndrome sets out to solve the murder of his mentor. In classic detective fashion he must fight his way to the truth and “save the woman who might be his own salvation.” Mmhmm.