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LOL With These 100 Funny Books: Today In Books

LOL With These 100 Funny Books

In need of a good laugh? NPR asked readers for their favorite funny books and curated the responses into a great list of 100 books sure to at the very least give you a chuckle and at most make you cry from laughing (looking at you Trevor Noah and that kitchen scene in your grandma’s house!). Check out the books here and combat some stress through laughter.

Toni Morrison’s Books Go Back To Press

Not only have fans of Toni Morrison been posting beautiful articles in her memory and sharing favorite quotes, but it seems many have been buying her books. Last week Beloved sold 12,000 (in one week!) and The Bluest Eye sold 8,400. So Knopf, Morrison’s publisher, is wisely printing 225,000 new copies of her books.

Great Read On Palabras Bilingual Bookstore

The Phoenix bookstore celebrated its four year anniversary and, like many independent bookstores, it has more to celebrate than just selling books: “Palabras Bilingual Bookstore has welcomed various local social justice organizations and artists to use its space for workshops and other events, explained owner Chawa MagaƱa.” Read all about this great bookstore here and its anniversary celebration “Do Work That Matters.”