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YA Easter Egg In Every Crime Author’s Novels: Today In Books

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YA Easter Egg In Every Crime Author’s Novels

Have you ever caught the Easter eggs Laura Lippman has placed in every single book she’s written? In an interview with EW Lippman stated that she not only rereads Lenora Mattingly Weber’s YA writing but that all her work “has a Lenora Mattingly Weber Easter egg inside.” I already read Lippman’s work so now I have to go read Meet The Malones.

Doom Patrol Renewed For Season 2

This show has a ridiculously awesome cast, based on the comic by Arnold Drake, Bob Haney, and Bruno Premiani, and if you’ve never heard of it it’s probably because it’s streaming on DC Universe. But now with all the forthcoming streaming platforms it’s been renewed for a second season and in 2020 the series will be on DC Universe and HBO Max.

Dean Koontz’s New 5-Book Deal

Thriller author Dean Koontz just signed a big deal with Amazon who will publish five books and a short story collection. Nameless, the short story collection, will be out this fall and available free to Unlimited and Prime users. The first of the five novels, Devoted, will publish in spring of 2020. For plots of Nameless and Devoted you can read on here.