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Hooray, It’s Time for New Books!

Happy Tuesday! The heatwave may have broke, but there are still a lot of hot new releases today! I have a few amazing new books to tell you about, and you can hear about more awesome reads on this week’s episode of the All the Books! Vanessa and I discussed Gods of Jade and Shadow, Theme Music, The Marriage Clock, and more great books.

Sponsored by We Love Anderson Cooper by R.L. Maizes, published by Celadon Books

In We Love Anderson Cooper, characters are treated as outsiders because of their sexual orientation, racial or religious identity, or simply because they look different. A young man courts the publicity that comes from outing himself at his bar mitzvah. When a painter is shunned because of his appearance, he learns to ink tattoos that come to life. A paranoid Jewish actuary suspects his cat of cheating on him—with his Protestant girlfriend. In this quirky, humorous, and deeply human short story collection, R.L. Maizes reminds us that even in our most isolated moments, we are never truly alone.

Beijing Payback cover imageBeijing Payback: A Novel by Daniel Nieh

After Victor Li’s father is murdered, he receives a letter written by his father, confessing that he was secretly a part of an international crime organization. Furious and seeking revenge for his father’s death, Victor travels to China to confront the very group that was responsible for his murder. Beijing Payback is a fast-paced thrill ride from beginning to end.

Backlist bump: IQ by Joe Ide

lady in the lake by laura lippmanLady in the Lake by Laura Lippman

The alliteration! Lippman is back with a noir set in 1960s Baltimore, about a housewife-turned-journalist named Maddie who is determined to find out who killed a young Black woman found in a city lake. No one else seems interested in the case, but as Maddie digs deeper into the story, her own problems and the complications in her life will slow down her best efforts, and lead to tragedy.

Backlist bump: Little Deaths by Emma Flint

the lager queen of minnesotaThe Lager Queen of Minnesota: A Novel by J. Ryan Stradal

A delightful, heart-squeezer about three generations of women. Edith is stunned when her father dies and leaves everything to her younger sister, Helen, who uses her inheritance to build a successful brewery. Edith has her own troubles, having to raise her granddaughter, Diana. As the years go by, the women will learn that sometimes even the strongest people need help, and the softest among them have a strength in them they never believed possible.

Backlist bump: Kitchens of the Great Midwest by J. Ryan Stradal

Thanks so much for reading and enjoy your week! XOXO, Liberty

See you next week!