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Hunter S. Thompson’s Cabin Is For Rent On Airbnb: Today In Books

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Hunter S. Thompson’s Cabin Is For Rent On Airbnb

Want to be inspired by the ghost of a Gonzo journalist? Or get to say you stayed in Hunter S. Thompson’s cabin, where he wrote a lot of his famous work? The writing gods have smiled down on you–or, you know, his widow Anita Thompson who is renting the cabin on Airbnb in order to raise money for the Hunter S. Thompson scholarship for veterans at Columbia University.

Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before–

Two male historians and a male host talk about a book written by a female historian and never once mentioned her name or the book. “While the historians did not quote directly from ‘The Cigarette,’ she said, every cited fact was taken from its pages. ‘Then I got to the end of a nearly 10-minute segment and did not hear myself credited at all.’” Her name is Sarah Milov and her book is The Cigarette: A Political History. You can read the full story, including an updated apology, here.

007 Codename Goes To… *Loudest Drumroll*

Lashana Lynch (Captain Marvel, Still Star-Crossed) will be answering to the codename 007 in the upcoming, still untitled, Bond 25 film which was rewritten by Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Killing Eve, Fleabag). I mean, give Lynch and Waller-Bridge the franchise and I’ll be a Bond fan for life. For. Life.