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Podcasts Plus Poetry: Today In Books

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Podcasts Plus Poetry

It’s no coincidence that podcasts and poetry are both flourishing right now. Why do the two go together so well? Read on to find out, and get some listening recommendations while you’re at it.

That Time A Shape-Shifting Villain Stuffed Herself Down Batman’s Throat

Batman: The Animated Series was many a child’s introduction to comic book superheroes. And if you think it had a lot of body horror, sequel series Batman: Beyond has something to say: “Hold my beer.”

In Other Comics News

Here’s a post on io9 contextualizing a blog post by writer and artist Sina Grace, who reveals some of the struggles he experienced over the course of working with Marvel on Iceman.  The news that a major comics publisher doesn’t support its marginalized creators in meaningfully concrete ways isn’t surprising, but it’s disappointing nonetheless.