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200 Unusual Items For Your Library to Lend, Plus All the Banned Books News From Prison

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In Gender Queer, Maia Kobabe has crafted an intensely cathartic autobiography about eir path to identifying as nonbinary and asexual, and coming out to eir family and society. By addressing questions about gender identity—what it means and how to think about it—the story also doubles as a much-needed, useful, and touching guide. Find the graphic novel memoir in stores now from Lion Forge!

A correction from last week’s newsletter: I mistakenly said that San Francisco city officials were naming a teen space after Amber Clark, when it was actually Sacramento. You can read the original article here, and I apologize for the error!

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Do you take part in LibraryReads, the monthly list of best books selected by librarians only? We’ve made it easy for you to find eligible diverse titles to nominate. Kelly Jensen created a database of upcoming diverse books that anyone can edit, and Nora Rawlins of Early Word is doing the same, as well as including information about series, vendors, and publisher buzz.

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–Katie McLain Horner, @kt_librarylady on Twitter. Currently reading all of my half-finished books from the last few weeks!