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Bills Proposed To Require Librarians In Public Schools: Today In Books

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Bills Proposed To Require Librarians In Public Schools

Michigan currently ranks 47th for its student-to-school librarian ratio and 5th worst for literacy in the nation. This is why three bills have been introduced that would require all Michigan public schools to have a library and certified librarian along with a student supervisor if the librarian is absent. You can learn more here.

2019 Anthony Award Nominations 🔪

The 2019 Anthony Award nominations have been announced for Best Novel, Best First Novel, Best Paperback Original Novel, Best Short Story, and Best Critical Or Nonfiction Work. And it’s a mighty fine list with fantastic crime reads on it. Congrats to all the authors, books, and everyone who worked hard to put those criminal gems out into the world.

Issa Rae To Adapt Silver Sparrow

Issa Rae, author and creator of HBO’s Insecure, has optioned Tayari Jone’s novel Silver Sparrow for film and there are not enough muppet arms in the world for this news. The novel I recommend the most is Silver Sparrow, about two young girls in the ’80s who become friends, but only one of them knows they’re really sisters. Good luck reading the first line of the book and not devouring it afterwards.