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Goat Yoga, Whiteness as Collections, and the Mueller Report

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I have a couple news items that I want to talk about before I jump into the rest of the newsletter.

(TW racism) First, if you haven’t already read Sofia Leung’s blog post on whiteness as collections, please do, because it talks about how the items we choose to purchase and preserve say a lot about our personal and institutional values, and not surprisingly, libraries value white perspectives. Also not surprisingly, there’s been a lot of racist pushback on Twitter to this idea, not only from trolls, but from fellow librarians, and to that I say NO. Librarians need to do better, and one of the ways to do better is for the white librarians to zip their lip and listen to people like Sofia. Becky Spratford and guest blogger Karen Toonen express this sentiment very directly, and I suggest you read their posts as well, because this is not acceptable. At all.

(TW library violence) Secondly, American Libraries posted an article by Kelly Clark, partner of Amber Clark who was allegedly murdered by a banned patron in December 2018. The article makes an impassioned case for not only increased library security measures, but for library managers and administrators to listen to their employees about safety issues. The fact is that libraries are not always safe, and working in libraries can take an extreme psychological toll on employees, but so many administrators turn a blind eye to the reality of what front line staff have to deal with. If you are a library manager, administrator, or are in any way positioned to affect change at your library, please do so, and please listen to your staff.

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Thanks for hanging out and I’ll see you again next week!

–Katie McLain, @kt_librarylady on Twitter. Currently reading Miracle Creek by Angie Kim.