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Snacks Or Snakes Confusion After Library Typo: Today In Books

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Snacks Or Snakes Confusion After Library Typo

Let’s start the week with a good laugh! Pflugerville Public Library placed an ad in the paper about their anti-prom event which was gonna be fun thanks to a DJ and a photo booth and snakes–*record scratch!* They meant snacks, obviously, and assumed everyone would realize that but nope suddenly they had many calls about “snakes in the library?!” Thanks to a good sense of humor all around this got even funnier.

We’re Getting More SHRILL!

This is not a drill: Shrill, based on Lindy West’s memoir, has been renewed for season two on Hulu and this can not get here fast enough!

Saga Knows Its End Date

The saga that is Saga now has an official end in sight. Issue #54 of Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples’ graphic novel was its exact middle point and from there on we’re on course to the end. I love this comic and have to say this is great news because, as much as I want the things I love to exist forever in theory, I really hate that so many things run longer than they should.