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Iceland Has A Perfect Bookish Holiday Tradition: Today In Books

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Iceland With The Holiday Win

Jólabókaflóð is the Icelandic holiday tradition where, basically, you gift and receive books and then immediately go read said books. I am declaring that this tradition needs to be adopted everywhere ASAP. To read more about the details of the tradition–starting with the Iceland Publishers Association sending a catalogue of new books to every home–read here and be jealous.

An Imaginative Coloring Book That Donates Proceeds

So there are some awful things happening right now, and finding ways to help when you feel helpless is always the way to go, so we found this: Coloring Without Borders. It’s a bilingual children’s book illustrated by more than 80 artists that lets kids finish the drawings by using their imagination. And the proceeds go to Families Belong Together coalition. Go here for all the info and to see some gorgeous pages. (PS: perfect for adults to use their imagination and color too!)

Katherine Johnson Releasing Autobiography In 2019

Reaching for the Moon by Katherine Johnson will be out next year for young readers. Johnson, who is a hundred years old, was one of NASA’s pioneering mathematicians and a huge reason Apollo 11 got to the moon. If you saw the film Hidden Figures she was played by Taraji P Henson. I’m gonna be first in line for this book!