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Book On How To Reduce Plastic Use Is Wrapped In Plastic: Today In Books

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Books > People

There’s a Norwegian town that is home to 280 people…and over 150,000 books. I haven’t run the numbers, but I would think most towns have more books than people. I guess if you want this kind of ratio AND fjords, this is the place.

Best Reward System Ever

At this Buffalo, New York, elementary school, kids can earn tokens redeemable in special vending machine. How special? It dispenses books. What a fun way to build up a child’s personal library!

It’s Like Rain On Your Wedding Day*

Martin Dorey’s book No. More. Plastic.: What You Can Do To Make A Difference was supposed to help consumers reduce their plastic footprint. Imagine his horror at discovering that his US distributor is shrink-wrapping his book. According to the BBC, Penguin UK is trying to remedy the situation.

*Yes, I know that song is not actually an example of irony, but it got stuck in my head and at least I’m not alone now.