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Stephen King Sells Story Adaptation for ONE Dollar: Today In Books

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Stephen King Short Story Adaptation Sold For $1

Nope, not missing zeros or a typo! Stephen King has a section on his website, Dollar Babies, of short stories that is encouragement for film students to adapt his stories. Way to support education!

Here’s An Awesome Rabbit Hole To Get Lost Down

The Archive of Hispanic Literature has added new recordings to its historical collection of close to 800 audio recordings of Luso-Hispanic writers. It also includes, for the first time, recordings of works in indigenous languages, such as the recording of Mexican scholar Ángel María Garibay (1892–1967), who reads Aztec poetry in Nahuatl and Spanish… It’s so awesome, click the link in the article and listen to amazing writers you’ve probably never heard of before! (Technology and libraries are amazing!)

An Edgar Allen Poe Adaptation Has Been Found After 50 Years

Okay, so I for one think this is the beginning of a horror movie and no one should watch it, but I guess I’ll be the character in the movie no one listens to. A 20-minute adaptation of The Tell-Tale Heart from 1953 (directed by J.B. Williams and starring Stanley Baker, produced by Adelphi Films) has been found in the attic of a Scottish home. People, clean out your attics more often!

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