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A Whopping 1 Million Books Were Self-Pubbed in 2017

Oh y’all, the things that have happened this week.

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“Want to do more than watch?” Chloe Park only meant to peek at him. Lean, hard and tattooed, Jackson Drake is hotness incarnate—and she can see right into his living room! Her sexy spectating drives them both near insane with lust. And with every wicked line they cross, Chloe falls harder for the bad boy next door…

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The number of self-published books made it over one million last year, and the number keeps growing.

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cover of the wedding date by jasmine guillory Last I checked, The Wedding Date was 1.99. If you’ve been waiting to read it, we’re close enough to The Proposal to get started, I think!

The Girl With The Make-Believe Husband by Julia Quinn is 2.99 right now! I have been enjoying this Bridgertons prequel series.

Looking to start a new m/m romantic suspense series? Layla Reyne’s Single Malt is 1.99 right now.

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In case you missed it, I wrote about queer women in mixed-gender romance for National Coming Out Day.

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And of course, we’re only halfway through the month; have you entered your name for the giveaway?


This week’s feature creature is The Monster! Of course, it’s kind of hard to do the monster in a romance that isn’t a shifter, but this one was done pretty well, even if I could have seriously used more story. Thus is life with novellas, though.

cover of briarley by aster glenn grayBriarley
Aster Glenn Gray

What’s the biggest issue lots of people have with the Beauty and the Beast story? I mean sure, the one that baffles the most people is “how the hell do people not know about that castle down the road” which is valid and also addressed in this version. But there’s also the whole Stockholm Syndrome thing. Full disclosure: kidnapping is usually one of my hard limits in romance, but I am a total sucker for a Beauty and the Beast story.

Well, this one is for those who are like “no, thanks” when it comes to the original story based on the whole wrongful imprisonment thing. It takes your Stockholm Syndrome and says, what if that was never an issue? What if, say, instead of taking the misbegotten rose to his daughter, a war nurse, her father decides to stick around and help the Beast find love. Surely he could come to love his servants? How about a puppy? Why had the girls they’d invited before not worked for him?

Why, indeed?

As I mentioned before, this book is way too short. Something…something…could have been more developed, but I can’t place my finger on it. Maybe I just wanted a full novel and the novella was just this side of completely satisfying.

What are your favorite non-shifter BatB-themed romances?

New and Upcoming Releases

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Lattes of Love by ML Spann (October 23)

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