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First Tuesday of September Megalist!

Hold on to your pumpkin spice-flavored hats – here comes fall reading! The season is kicking off with an AMAZING number of great books this first Tuesday new release day, and I can’t wait for you to see the big list below. Two words: WOW. ZA.

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You can hear about several of today’s new books on this week’s episode of the All the Books! María Cristina and I talked about a few amazing books we loved, including Small Fry, Cats vs. Robots, Terra Nullius, and more.

(And like with each megalist, I’m putting a ❤️ next to the books that I have read and loved. But there are soooo many more on this list that I can’t wait to read!)

Oh, and don’t forget that Book Riot wants to hear about the ins-n-outs of your reading life – come share them with us in our Fall Reader Survey!

the wonder that was oursThe Wonder That Was Ours by Alice Hatcher ❤️

All This I Will Give to You by Dolores Redondo, Michael Meigs (translator)

Open Mic Night at Westminster Cemetery by Mary Amato

The Rule of One (The Rule of One Series) by Ashley Saunders and Leslie Saunders

Ponti by Sharlene Teo

Gravesend by William Boyle ❤️

The Accidental War: A Novel (Praxis) by Walter Jon Williams

The Girl in the Locked Room: A Ghost Story by Mary Downing Hahn

In Her Bones by Kate Moretti

the good neighborThe Good Neighbor: The Life and Work of Fred Rogers by Maxwell King ❤️

Mortals and Immortals of Greek Mythology by Françoise Rachmuhl and Charlotte Gastaut

24 Hours in Nowhere by Dusti Bowling ❤️

Hunting Houses by Fanny Britt and Susan Ouriou

Worlds Seen in Passing: Ten Years of Short Fiction by Irene Gallo ❤️

Black Queer Hoe (BreakBeat Poets) by Britteney Black Rose Kapri

Citizen Illegal (BreakBeat Poets) by José Olivarez

Buried Beneath the Baobab Tree by Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani, Viviana Mazza (translator)

Tell Me You’re Mine by Elisabeth Norebäck

terra nulliusTerra Nullius by Claire G. Coleman ❤️

The Glass Ocean by Beatriz Williams, Lauren Willig, and Karen White

The Wildlands by Abby Geni ❤️

Not Even Bones by Rebecca Schaeffer

Small Fry by Lisa Brennan-Jobs ❤️

Santa Bruce (Mother Bruce) by Ryan T. Higgins

Tales of Valhalla: Norse Myths and Legends by Martyn Whittock and Hannah Whittock

The Chrysalis by Brendan Deneen ❤️

Monster City: Murder, Music, and Mayhem in Nashville’s Dark Age by Michael Arntfield

After the Winter by Guadalupe Nettel, Rosalind Harvey (Translator) ❤️

The Parting Gift: A Novel by Evan Fallenberg

john womanJohn Woman by Walter Mosley ❤️

Leave No Trace: A Novel by Mindy Mejia

Cross Her Heart by Sarah Pinborough ❤️

The Songaminute Man: A Tribute to the Unbreakable Bond Between Father and Son by Simon McDermott

Three Little Lies by Laura Marshall

Hole in the Middle by Kendra Fortmeyer ❤️

Lyric McKerrigan, Secret Librarian by Jacob Sager Weinstein and Vera Brosgol

The Lost Queen by Signe Pike ❤️

Dare You to Lie by Amber Lynn Natusch

I’d Rather Be Reading: The Delights and Dilemmas of the Reading Life by Anne Bogel

the boy at the keyholeThe Boy at the Keyhole by Stephen Giles ❤️

The Reincarnated Giant: An Anthology of Twenty-First-Century Chinese Science Fiction (Weatherhead Books on Asia) by Mingwei Song (Editor), Theodore Huters (Editor)

Lake Success: A Novel by Gary Shteyngart

Business Pig by Andrea Zuill ❤️

Feminasty: The Complicated Woman’s Guide to Surviving the Patriarchy Without Drinking Herself to Death by Erin Gibson

The Diary of a Bookseller by Shaun Bythell ❤️

Ignite the Stars by Maura Milan

Call Them by Their True Names: American Crises (and Essays) by Rebecca Solnit

Never Ran, Never Will: Boyhood and Football in a Changing American Inner City by Albert Samaha

Sadie by Courtney Summers cover imageSadie by Courtney Summers ❤️

The Silence of the Girls by Pat Barker

The Golden State by Lydia Kiesling ❤️

Good Rosie! by Kate DiCamillo and Harry Bliss

American Journal: Fifty Poems for Our Time by Tracy K. Smith ❤️

We Rise, We Resist, We Raise Our Voices by Wade Hudson (Editor), Cheryl Willis Hudson (Editor)

Vanishing Twins: A Marriage by Leah Dieterich ❤️

Chicken by Lynn Crosbie

Still Life with Monkey by Katharine Weber ❤️

Check Out the Library Weenies: And Other Warped and Creepy Tales (Weenies Stories) by David Lubar

Foe: A Novel by Iain Reid ❤️

kevin powellMy Mother. Barack Obama. Donald Trump. And the Last Stand of the Angry White Man. by Kevin Powell

I Should Have Honor: A Memoir of Hope and Pride in Pakistan by Khalida Brohi

A Room Away From the Wolves by Nova Ren Suma ❤️

Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating by Christina Lauren

The Cats Came Back (Magical Cats) by Sofie Kelly

Lights! Camera! Alice!: The Thrilling True Adventures of the First Woman Filmmaker by Mara Rockliff and Simona Ciraolo

The Crossroads by Alexandra Diaz

And The Ocean Was Our Sky by Patrick Ness, Rovina Cai (Illustrator)

The Forbidden Place by Susanne Jansson

two dark reignsTwo Dark Reigns (Three Dark Crowns) by Kendare Blake

Hilda and the Hidden People: TV Tie-In Edition 1 by Luke Pearson and Stephen Davies

The End of the Moment We Had (Japanese Novellas) by Toshiki Okada and Samuel Malissa

Click Here to Kill Everybody: Security and Survival in a Hyper-connected World by Bruce Schneier

Human Hours: Poems by Catherine Barnett ❤️

Patient X: The Case-Book of Ryunosuke Akutagawa by David Peace

When the Lights Go Out by Mary Kubica

Oh My Goth (Harlequin Teen) by Gena Showalter

Cats vs. Robots 1: This Is War by Margaret Stohl and Lewis Peterson ❤️

The Piranhas: The Boy Bosses of Naples by Roberto Saviano, Antony Shugaar (translator)

Daughter of a Daughter of a Queen by Sarah Bird ❤️

The Frangipani Tree Mystery (Crown Colony) by Ovidia Yu

Kickdown: A Novel by Rebecca Clarren

On the Other Side of Freedom: The Case for Hope by DeRay Mckesson

The First Prehistoric Serial Killer and Other Stories by Teresa Solana and Peter Bush

Power to the Princess by Vita Weinstein Murrow and Julia Bereciartu ❤️

That’s it for me today! If you want to learn more about books new and old (and see lots of pictures of my cats, Millay and Steinbeck), or tell me about books you’re reading, or books you think I should read (I HEART RECOMMENDATIONS!), you can find me on Twitter at MissLiberty, on Instagram at FranzenComesAlive, or Litsy under ‘Liberty’!

Stay rad,