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Is This A Romance?

We’re halfway through the month and I’m counting down the days to September. Not only will it be cooler soon, but there are tons of books that come out at the end of this month and the early part of next month! Meanwhile people on twitter have thoughts, and I can’t keep up.

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Caleb might be in charge of Lily’s safety, but when they’re confined to her Silicon Valley mansion, she’s the master. And keeping his hands off her is bringing Caleb close to the edge of control…

I live my life by simple rules. Protect the innocent at all costs. And no sleeping with clients. Those are the promises I keep as one of LA’s go-to fixers. I’d never falter on rule number one, but my latest client is making that other one hard to follow. Handling her stalker should be a walk in the park—keeping things professional, not so much.

News and Useful Links

I’m gonna tell you a not-secret. I am addicted to fanfiction. Maybe not quite Cath-style let my life fall down around me, but it’s kind of close. I have not opened AO3 in some time—not since the day I closed all my saved tabs and turned off my laptop in preparation for the move to Arizona, but I fell off the wagon last week. You see, Cat Sebastian has been on a Bucky Barnes kick, and she’s been sharing some pretty intriguing plot points so yeah…wagon, bye bye. But if you’re looking for some interesting reads in which Bucky Barnes either reads or writes romance novels, check out her twitter feed

We Need Diverse Romance has more options for your collection.

Corey has some food for thought about polyam romance.

This cover reveal is just magical. I can’t wait for the series to come out!


Romance author Kristan Higgins has been taking some heat this week (well, really, for several months) for her most recent book. I haven’t read it, and don’t plan to, but if you want to know more, I will give you these two perspectives:

Do with them what you wish.


cover of pretending he's mine by mia sosaHave you read Pretending He’s Mine yet? It’s 99 cents!

At the Stroke of Midnight by Tara Sivec is 1.99. Her books are hilarious.

If you’re looking for a new Regency author and haven’t read Sophie Barnes, The Duke of Her Desire is 1.99.

Did you like Love on My Mind? Tracey Livesay’s The Tycoon’s Socialite Bride is 2.99.

Over on Book Riot

So you might recognize this content from this very spot, but not only did I make it so you can share it with your friends, but the actor I was talking about finally got a name on the Harlots IMDb page so I found his Instagram. I’m not usually a stalker but hoo man.

Did you read Sunfire romances? I deliberately remember finding Roxanne somewhere and being completely fascinated by the Hollywood Golden Age.

Nikki pulled together some Christian romances to start with and I’ve got some reading to do.

And Trisha and I talked about stuff, but sadly fewer books than usual.


Y’all, I couldn’t help it. I know that The Governess Game doesn’t come out until August 28, but I had to pick it up. It was calling for me and I couldn’t ignore it.

cover of the governess game by tessa dareThe Governess Game
Tessa Dare

Alexandra Mountbatten sets clocks. With her handy chronometer that she sets by Greenwich time regularly, she contracts with the wealthy (or more, their housekeepers) to keep their clocks on time. What she doesn’t expect is to use what she expects to be the servants’ entrance to fall into the grasp of her Bookshop Rake, with whom she had an encounter in one of my favorite scenes in The Duchess Deal. (Do you know how much I love Alexandra? I love her so much. So much.) The Bookshop Rake, or Chase Reynaud as he is actually called, has two hellion wards who need a governess, and through a miscommunication and an unfortunate chronomocide, Alexandra ends up in said role. Well, what do you expect to happen when you put the two of them under one roof?

I ate this book. Ate it right up. It’s got all my button checkers: humor (the cackling kind); ridiculousness; sexy sexy consent; telescopes; cinnamon rolls in wolf’s clothing; and of course, Ash. So yeah, you’ll want to read this right when it comes out.

And now I want to read more “I love your darling, terrible children who just need love but you’re ridiculous” kinds of books. Or anything like them. Lucky for me, Talia Hibbert’s Untouchable just came out!

Others I’ve loved include Bombshell by CD Reiss and of course It Takes Two to Tumble by Cat Sebastian. And I am pretty certain I saw somewhere on twitter that someone is writing a sexy man-nanny book. (I refuse to call them a manny. Refuse.)


What are your favorite nanny/governess books?

New and Upcoming Releases

cover of untouchable by talia hibbertUntouchable by Talia Hibbert (just in case you missed that bit before)

The Shape of You by Georgia Beers

Soul of the Pack by Jenny Frame

Wild Thoughts by Delaney Diamond

From Here to You by Jamie McGuire

When a Duke Loves a Woman by Lorraine Heath

It’s a short one this week and I’m sorry about that, but really, do you need me to tell you about any more books just yet? Let’s all give ourselves time to catch up. (Cause that’ll happen. Totally.)

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