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1% of UK Kidlit Books Have Minority Ethnic Main Character: Today in Books

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Survey Exposes Dearth Of BAME Characters In Kidlit

Last year, England’s Department of Education identified 32.1% schoolchildren of minority ethnic origins in the country–also in 2017, 1% of the children’s books published had a BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) main character. The Centre for Literacy in Primary Education conducted the research project, which also found that 10% of these books contained “social justice” issues, such as war and conflict. The report “warns publishers that if children do not see their realities reflected in the world around them or only see problematic representations mirrored back at them, the impact can be tremendously damaging.”

Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles Gets Hulu Series

Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles is officially in development over at Hulu. The adaptation of the popular book series, which begins with Interview with the Vampire, was optioned last year. Anne Rice’s son Christopher Rice will serve as executive producer alongside the author herself. :waits impatiently for casting news:

Lin-Manuel Miranda Writes Gmorning, Gnite!

Lin-Manuel Miranda, he of Hamilton fame, is turning his positive Gmorning and Gnite tweets into a book, illustrated by Jonny Sun (everyone’s a aliebn when u a aliebn too). The book, aptly titled Gmorning, Gnight! Little Pep Talks for Me & You, came at the request of fans. Check out the article for sample Gmorning, Gnite tweets and the cover reveal.


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