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Sarah Jessica Parker’s Imprint Publishes Debut Novel: Today in Books

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SJP For Hogarth’s Debut Novel

Sarah Jessica Parker’s new publishing imprint, SJP for Hogarth, just released its debut novel, Fatima Farheen Mirza’s A Place for Us. Mirza’s novel concerns the dynamics of an Indian-American Muslim family in California. Parker’s imprint focuses on literary fiction with an emphasis on multicultural voices. You can read the full article for more about the rise of celebrity imprints and Parker’s journey toward helming one.

Restraining Order Issued Against Stan Lee’s Manager

The temporary restraining order follows allegations of elder abuse against Stan Lee’s manager, Keya Morgan. Tom Lallas, Lee’s lawyer, wrote that the Marvel Comics magnate is being isolated and influenced. Morgan was also arrested on suspicion of making a false call to the police, reporting that a burglary was taking place at Lee’s home as two detectives and a social worker were conducting a welfare check on Lee.

Again With The Trademarking

Time for the SFF and romance communities to share eyerolls. We had romance’s #cockygate, and now we’ve got a writer trying to trademark “dragon slayer” for fantasy novels. An application for the trademark has been filed and one can only hope it’s swiftly denied. The application lists a series of “pulp harem fantasies” by Michael-Scott Earle. Yeah, no thanks.


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