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Apple is Making an Emily Dickinson Comedy Series: Today in Books

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Tolkien Goes Back to School

There’s going to be an epic Tolkien exhibit at Oxford from June 1 to October 31. You can go ahead and spend all your money getting yourself to England, because the exhibit is going to be totally free. And if you think you’ve been there and done that, think again: there will be some never-before-seen items on display, including a “3D, specially-commissioned map of Middle-Earth.” (Isn’t that just called “New Zealand”…?)

The Library of Congress Levels Up in Comics

Bow down to Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden, whose work to make a home for comics at the Library of Congress has culminated in an unprecedented comic book donation valued in the millions. The benefactor is Stephen A. Geppi, a major player in comics publishing for the past thirty years. As he put it, “Can you imagine having Action Comics No. 1 sitting right next to the Gutenberg Bible in a display?” Maybe we’ll get just that when the library starts displaying select items from this acquisition sometime this summer.

Hailee Steinfeld to Wander Funny as a Cloud

I can’t say that Emily Dickinson has ever made me crack a rib laughing, but that might change soon. Apple has given “Dickinson” a straight-to-series order, with Oscar-nominated actor and singer Hailee Steinfeld as the belle of Amherst. No news yet on how Apple plans to distribute this scripted comedy.