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Two Biggest Harry Potter Fans Matched On Dating Show: Today In Books

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Two Biggest Harry Potter Fans Matched On Dating Show

Claudia, sporting Harry Potter tattoos, explained on Channel 4’s First Dates that her perfect man would be like Ron Weasley. Enter Jack who “describes Harry Potter as his ‘childhood,'” sees himself as Ron, and has his own HP tattoos. Sadly, this was not a match made in heaven as the date didn’t end in fireworks but on the bright side there are two huge HP fans out there single and ready to mingle so if you’re looking…

Sentiment Analysis Used To Reveal 6 Basic Plots In Over 1700 Novels

You’ve probably heard at some point that all works of fiction follow one of six (or seven–I’ve heard both numbers) basic plots. Researchers at the University of Vermont’s Computational Story Lab put this theory to the test using new text-mining techniques and analyzed over 1,700 English novels. They found six basic story types from Rags to Riches to Man in a Hole.

An Interesting Look At The World Of Rare Books

With the Antiquarian Booksellers Association Rare Book Fair London and the recent deaths of Tom Wolfe and Philip Roth Fortune has taken a look at what may currently be valuable. Will a first edition of The Hobbit fetch its expected $13,000? Did you know a first edition The Great Gatsby with “a jacket in fine condition would add about $100,000 to its value?!” (Not gonna lie, choked on my breakfast.) If you’ve still got a 1997 copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and it’s a first edition you may not know you have a valuable book… (And if you’re interested in reading more about rare books, enjoy nonfiction, and cat-and-mouse tales this was a good read: The Man Who Loved Books Too Much: The True Story of a Thief, a Detective, and a World of Literary Obsession by Allison Hoover Bartlett)

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