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How Many Books Did The Average American Read? Today in Books

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How Many Books Did The Average American Read In The Last Year?

A new study by Pew Research shows that reading habits aren’t declining in America, but they are changing with more Americans picking up audiobooks (18 percent in 2018 compared to 14 percent in 2016). This is to say that doom and gloom prognostications about America’s interest in books and reading are, as usual, unfounded.

Teaser Trailer For Crazy Rich Asians

We got a teaser trailer for the film adaptation of Kevin Kwan’s debut novel, Crazy Rich Asians! The book tells the humorous tale of three super rich Chinese families living in Singapore. Based on the teaser, all the glitz and glamour fans might expect will be represented onscreen. The full trailer drops Monday.

Queer Bookstore Gets A Boost From A Viral Post

The Mary Sue told the heartwarming story of a feminist LGBTQ bookstore that got a boost thanks to Tumblr users. One person noticed a sad Facebook post from Common Language Bookstore that announced they hadn’t made any sales that day. Tumblr user dadrielle sent out a call for people to buy their next queer read from the store, and the Tumblr post went viral. The amount of orders the shop received was transformative. You really should read the full piece. :sniffle:


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