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Major Grant Awarded to Promote Diversity in Publishing: Today in Books

Literary Agency Dedicated To Diverse Voices Receives Major Grant

The Good Agency, a new literary agency dedicated to championing under-represented voices in publishing, is receiving a grant for over half a million pounds. The grant comes from Arts Council England as part of ACE’s Ambition for Excellence Project, which offers grants funded by the National Lottery. ACE literature director Sarah Crown called the grant “a significant first step in the Arts Council’s commitment to promoting and sustaining diversity in the publishing sector.”

The Writing Community Aids Matthew Salesses’ Family

Individuals from the Asian American writing community are working to aid author Matthew Salesses’ wife, Cathreen, who was diagnosed with cancer. The diagnosis arrived shortly after the birth of the Salesses’ second child. Author Margaret Rhee has organized a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the family as Cathreen undergoes treatment in South Korea for stomach cancer.

Ovid Pardoned For Mysterious Crimes

Rome’s city council has lifted a sentence that banished Ovid from Rome. The pardon arrived on the 2,000th anniversary of the poet’s death. It’s remains unclear what crime he committed that sent him to a remote town on the Black Sea. Of the crime, Ovid wrote that he “must be silent about” it, lest he “re-open the wounds.”

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