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THE HATE U GIVE Banned By School District: Today in Books

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The Hate U Give Banned By School District

Angie Thomas, author of the critically acclaimed Young Adult novel The Hate U Give, announced on Twitter that a Texas school district banned her book. The thread turned up details from one Twitter user who wrote that the superintendent pulled the books due to parent complaints about “inappropriate language,” bypassing the normal review process. Authors, librarians, teachers, and fans have been showing their support, pledging to read, recommend, and distribute The Hate U Give in response to the district’s ban.

Kerry Washington and Rashida Jones To Adapt Goldie Vance

Kerry Washington and Rashida Jones are teaming up to adapt the comic series Goldie Vance for film. Washington will produce and Jones will write and direct the film for 20th Century Fox. Goldie Vance follows an intelligent and daring young woman whose insatiable curiosity and aspiration to become a detective get her into all sorts of capers, and trouble. Think Archie meets Nancy Drew, but starring a queer brown girl. “Goldie is exactly the kind of fearless, curious, and funny heroine we need right now,” Jones told Variety. Agreed!

And The Winner Of The Bad Sex In Fiction Award Goes To…

Christopher Bollen for his book The Destroyers. The Literary Review announced the winner of the 25th annual Bad Sex in Fiction Award at a ceremony on Thursday evening. Not leaving an excerpt of the winner here in case you’re in mixed company, or drinking something you’d rather not eject from your nose while reading this. Needless to say…it’s not good. The competition was pretty stiff too. Read the article for excerpts from the nominees–you won’t regret it. Oh wait, you probably will.