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Coloring Books For Adults Benefit Mental Health: Today in Books

Coloring Books For Adults Benefit Mental Health

New Zealand researchers have found that there are mental health benefits for adults coloring-in at least 10 minutes a day. These benefits include reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety. The researchers say they began the project to see if coloring in would live up to they hype. While questions still need to be answered about how or why the activity is effective, the results show definite mental health gains.

All 8 Harry Potter Films Are Coming To HBO

The Wizarding World is coming to HBO on New Year’s Day. On January 1, all eight Harry Potter titles will air on HBO. This will be the first time that all nine films, including Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, will air unedited and without commercial interruptions on a television network. You can start the new year by watching the entire series from start to finish–the marathon begins January 1 at 9 a.m. ET/PT and ends in the early morning of January 2.

Uber Whistleblower Gets Book Deal

Susan Fowler is releasing a book about her experiences with harassment and discrimination. Fowler’s viral accounts of harassment led to the ousting of Uber’s CEO and 20 other employees. Her book will reveal what it’s like to be a female, entry-level employee in Silicon Valley, and will offer advice to women in similarly challenging work environments.

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