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New Fifty Shades of Grey Book Coming (Yes, Again): Today in Books

New Fifty Shades of Grey Book Coming (Yes, Again)

E.L. James is releasing a new book in the Fifty Shades universe, this time a re-telling of Fifty Shades Darker from Christian’s perspective. The new book is called…wait for it...Darker. James already re-told the first book in the series from the hero’s (?) perspective with Grey, so it looks like she’ll be doing the whole trilogy. More details and info from the press release here.


New Chuck Palahniuk Book, Too! 

The author of Fight Club (among many other books) has a new novel called Adjustment Day coming out May 1, 2018. Here’s the unsurprising bit: “Now, Adjustment Day blows past all previous markers for impropriety with a brilliant, hilarious, and outrageous story that is perfect for our era. Every reader, of every stripe, will find something in Adjustment Day that is as profoundly wise, funny, and affecting as it is offensive. And, make no mistake, everyone will be offended.” What, a Palahniuk book will be offensive? Stop the presses.


Leo Tolstoy’s Mac ‘n Cheese Recipe!

Sergei Beltyukov has translated and republished a book of Tolstoy family recipes, including coffee cake, spiced mushrooms, and yes, mac n’ cheese: “Bring water to a boil, add salt, then add macaroni and leave boiling on light fire until half tender; drain water through a colander, add butter and start putting macaroni back into the pot in layers – layer of macaroni, some grated Parmesan and some vegetable sauce, macaroni again and so on until you run out of macaroni. Put the pot on the edge of the stove, cover with a lid and let it rest in light fire until the macaroni are soft and tender. Shake the pot occasionally to prevent them from burning.” Not entirely sure what vegetable sauce is, but I’d eat it.

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