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Marcel Proust Paid for Positive Reviews: Today in Books

Marcel Proust, You Terrible Cheat

Well, well, well, Marcel. Letters discovered thanks to a rare copy of Swann’s Way revealed that Proust paid for positive reviews of the first volume of Remembrance of Things Past. The writer paid 300 francs, a considerable sum at the time, for a flattering reference to Swann’s Way to be published on the front page of one of France’s leading daily papers. And then he paid even more for a lengthier review to appear on the front page of another paper. Reviewing his own book, he described his writing as “almost too luminous for the eye … This book suggests almost the fourth dimension of the Cubists.” Good. Grief.

Sexists Need Not Apply

Sarah Davis-Goff and Lisa Coen, the women who run the Irish indie publisher Tramp Press, is closing its doors to sexist submissions. In the announcement they posted on social, Davis-Goff and Coen said they receive submissions that address them as “Dear Sirs” and cover letters where the submitter says they don’t read books by women… So, inspired by author Anne Enright’s essay about sexism in the publishing industry, they decided to take a stand and say no to those queries. Tramp Press seems to be doing well enough without the sexists–they published Mike McCormack’s Booker longlisted novel, Solar Bones.

Dolly Parton Sings Dumplin’

That’s right! Dolly Parton will be working on the soundtrack for the upcoming film adaptation of the YA novel, Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy. Parton’s music played a role in the original story so it makes sense that Jennifer Anniston, who’s producing and starring in the film, and who is a Parton fan, would reach out to the country star. According to Parton, the film will use some of her vintage tracks, but she’ll also be writing new songs for the movie.

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