Behind the Scenes, Installment 0

Welcome to the pre-first installment of Behind the Scenes! I’m your host Jenn Northington, of Get Booked and various other projects, and I am here to tell you that answering recommendation requests is NO SMALL TASK.

While I have read a whole lot of books in my life (no really, like so many), when the questions coming in are as specific as the ones we get there’s not often an obvious answer. Which means my weekly prep for Get Booked goes something like:

1. Look at questions, selected by Amanda.
2. Laugh and then cry.
3. Fill in all the answers to ones I’ve actually got good reads for.
4. Start diving into Google and Goodreads lists for ideas for the others, and pray they’re available digitally from the library.
5. Download 3-5 books from Overdrive and start reading!

I don’t always finish every book, but if it seems like a good pick I’ll read enough to get an idea and then go review-hunting for further details. Every now and then I just can’t get any good books on my own shelf or don’t have time to do background reading, so I’ll ask an outside expert to recommend and do my best to represent the book well.

What I’m reading right now, just for funsies: The Sunlight Pilgrims by Jenni Fagan.

And now, whimsy! This is Petra, my step-cat, i.e. the cat of my college best friend, who will be coming to live with me this summer. She is just as snuggly as you might expect from this photo, and likes to spend her time napping and chirping at birds from the window.

Jenn and Petra


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