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January New Books Megalist!

Happy new year, kittens! There are SO many wonderful books coming your way in 2017, it’s incredible. So strap on your helmet and get your butterfly net ready, because I am so excited to start flinging them at you.Your TBR is going to explode! Today I have the year’s first Tuesday megalist for you. And you can hear more about some of these books on this week’s episode of the All the Books! Rebecca and I talked about a few amazing books we loved, such as History of Wolves, Difficult Women, and Idaho.

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midnight without a moonMidnight Without a Moon by Linda Williams Jackson

In the Midnight Hour: The Life & Soul of Wilson Pickett by Tony Fletcher

Freebird by Jon Raymond

The Art of the Affair: An Illustrated History of Love, Sex, and Artistic Influence by Catherine Lacey and Forsyth Harmon

The Cursed Queen by Sarah Fine

Wayfarer (Passenger) by Alexandra Bracken

The Adventures of Form and Content: Essays by Albert Goldbarth

lord sebastian's secretLord Sebastian’s Secret (The Duke’s Sons) by Jane Ashford

We Were On a Break by Lindsey Kelk

Love and First Sight by Josh Sundquist

The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett by Chelsea Sedoti

Scratch: Writers, Money, and the Art of Making a Living by Manjula Martin

Leopard at the Door by Jennifer McVeigh

Difficult Women by Roxane Gay

How to Be Bored (The School of Life) by Eva Hoffman

idahoIdaho by Emily Ruskovich

The Strays by Emily Bitto

Brighter Than You Think: 10 Short Works by Alan Moore by Marc Sobel, Alan Moore

Frederick Douglass in Brooklyn by Frederick Douglass

Mad Miss Mimic by Sarah Henstra

Battle Hill Bolero (Bone Street Rumba) by Daniel José Older

City of Thorns: Nine Lives in the World’s Largest Refugee Camp by Ben Rawlence

Running with a Police Escort: Tales from the Back of the Pack by Jill Grunenwald

x-files originsThe X-Files Origins: Agent of Chaos by Kami Garcia

Everything You Want Me to Be by Mindy Mejia

Life in a Fishbowl by Len Vlahos

The Year of Needy Girls by Patricia A. Smith

How Churchill Saved Civilization : The Epic Story of 13 Years That Almost Destroyed the Civilized World by John Harte

Selection Day by Aravind Adiga

The Correspondence by J. D. Daniels

history of wolvesHistory of Wolves by Emily Fridlund

Letters to a Young Muslim by Omar Saif Ghobash

Enigma Variations by André Aciman

Freeks by Amanda Hocking

The House of the Dead: Siberian Exile Under the Tsars by Daniel Beer

The Secret Lives of Web Pages by Paul Ford

Maresi By Maria Turtschaninoff

The Girl in Green by Derek Miller

Spark: How to Lead Yourself and Others to Greater Success by Angie Morgan, Courtney Lynch, and Sean Lynch

Wilberforce by H. S. Cross (paperback)

even the deadEven the Dead by Benjamin Black (paperback)

The Tumbling Turner Sisters by Juliette Fay (paperback)

The Fireman by Joe Hill (paperback)

Good as Gone by Amy Gentry (paperback)

YAY, BOOKS! That’s it for me today – time to get back to reading! If you want to learn more about books (and see lots of pictures of my cats, Millay and Steinbeck), or tell me about books you’re reading, you can find me on Twitter at MissLiberty, on Instagram at FranzenComesAlive, or Litsy under ‘Liberty’!

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