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Book Riot Live Evening Event FAQ

Hello, you lovely ticket-holders you! If you’re getting this email it’s because you’ve got a spot at one of our evening events for Book Riot Live. We thought you might have some additional questions not covered by the Attendee FAQ, and here are our answers!

First, an update for Friday ticket-holders: Due to another change in her filming schedule, Phoebe Robinson will be unable to join us. While we’re bummed, we’re still going to talk about and celebrate her book because that’s how much we love it!

Q: I have a ticket for an evening event at the Strand, how does that work?
A: So glad you asked! Here are the details for each event.

On Friday evening, the event will start at 7pm, and you can arrive any time between 6:30pm and 7pm to grab your seat. Enter via the main entrance of the Strand and head to the 3rd floor for the Rare Book Room; you’ll give your name to be checked off the list and get your gift card. Please do also have your ID out, as this event is 21 and up!

On Saturday evening, the doors will open at 7pm, so don’t show up too early! Enter via the smaller entrance at 826 Broadway, where you’ll take the elevator to the Rare Book Room. In addition to the Book Riot staff, there will be guest authors stopping by, and books will be available for sale!

Q: Which authors will be at Saturday evening’s event?
A: It’s a surprise!

Q: Will there be authors’ books available for purchase, and will they sign them?
A: Absolutely!

Q: What is the dress code?
A: Party casual for both which, in Book Riot terms, means wear your preferred party attire. Dress? Great! T-shirt and jeans? Also great!

Q: Can I get a ticket for my friend/coworker/relative/new best friend at the door?
A: The Saturday event is sold out; there may still be spots available on Friday but we recommend buying ahead.

Q: I can’t make it anymore, can I get a refund?
A: Afraid not; refunds are no longer available, and transfers needed to be completed 72 hours in advance of the event.

Q: Is it going to be great?

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