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Harry Potter Yoga Exists: This Week in Books

Harry Potter Yoga Exists

Texan yoga instructors designed a Harry Potter-themed yoga class to boost attendance (which worked, the class sold out). It’s complete with Harry Potter-renamed posts like Slytherin Cobra and Downward Fluffy. Also, there are wands. And “invisibility cloaks” for savasana (those are just regular blankets). Yoga already has cultural appropriation issues, and this feels like taking that to a whole new level.


A Bookstore “Scream Room”

Bab Aldonia, a Cairo bookstore, is now providing a sound-proof Scream Room where customers can go and yell away the stress of daily life and of living in a large city (there’s also a drum set in the room, if banging on a thing makes you feel better). This is an excellent idea, and it seems like tomorrow is a good day for American bookstores to install something similar. We all have some stress to scream out.


The Most Valuable First Editions of 20th Century Literature

Keep your eyes peeled when you’re at used bookstores–these five books are the most valuable first editions of 20th century literature in existence. There aren’t many surprises here, though I would count the presence of the first James Bond novel and the absence of any books by women at all as a little eyebrow-raising. None of Virginia Woolf’s books are more valuable than a James Bond novel? Really? Ok then.

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