Book Riot Live

Who Will Win the Nerd Jeopardy Crown at Book Riot Live?

The line-ups are finalized for Nerd Jeopardy and Friday evening’s Books & Booze pairing — let the muppet-arms commence! And there are a bunch of new panels added to the schedule, which you should go check out immediately. Don’t have your tickets yet? Go get them and get $20 off with code BOOKNERD.

Time for a Did You Know: You can pre-order speakers’ books from WORD, our conference bookstore! They’ve got a running list here, and you can search their website for more. Then all you have to do is tell them they’re for Book Riot Live and pick them up at the event. Easy peasy, and less things to pack on your way to NYC!

Party Like a Booknerd

Book Riot Live is sponsored by Bookwitty and Unbound Worlds

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