Book Riot Insights

Book Riot Insights week of May 5: Fresh podcast data and our “no creatives needed” products

This week we’re talking about the newest podcast data, plus a refresher on our “no creatives needed” products.

Industry Insights

How many hours of listening are too many? The number does not exist. Or, if it does, podcast super audio fans have yet to reach the limit. These podcast listeners spend over 6 hours daily with audio and that number isn’t slowing any time soon. 

Pick a number between one and ten. If you guessed nine, congrats! That’s the average number of podcasts the US listener consumes on a weekly basis. 

Audiobook listening is also on the rise, with around 35% of the US population having listened to at least one audiobook in the last year. 

With stats like these, we’d be remiss if we didn’t remind you of our Book Riot Postroll Audio Excerpt which includes a host-read midroll of the book synopsis (similar to a traditional ad spot), a host-read intro to the postroll, (“Stick around now to hear an excerpt of X Title”), and an audio excerpt provided by the client.

No Creatives Needed 

Looking for a placement that doesn’t require unique creatives? We have a few options that offer low, to no design. Our flagship newsletters, Daily Deals and Today In Books, only require a cover image, URL, and “sponsored by” info.

Podcast ads are also a great way to connect with our readers without the need for creatives. We offer direct-sold placements as well as our Run-of-Podcast. 

All products can be viewed in the Product Deck, and we’d be happy to answer any questions.