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New Books for the First Tuesday of March!

It’s new release day! Hello, my friends, and welcome to another delicious dose of bookish goodness. I hope you all had a lovely weekend and didn’t get too much snow, if that’s a thing that happens where you are. It was very snowy here in Maine, but I was inside with the books (and the cats) and it was a perfect time. I have still been reading a lot of comics in between prose books, like my recent fave Cursed Princess Club, and it’s the happy-making balance my brain needs these days. And now it’s time to talk about today’s books!

At the top of my list to acquire today are What Happened to Ruthy Ramirez by Claire Jimenez, Keep Looking Up by Tammah Watts, Black Ball by Theresa Runstedtler, and Birnam Wood by Eleanor Catton. You can hear about some more of the fabulous books coming out today on this week’s (400th!) episode of All the Books! Danika and I talked about some of the books we’re excited about this week, including Monstrilio, My Dear Henry, and The Golden Spoon.

Today I am doing a round-up of several exciting titles from the first Tuesday of March 2023. Below, you’ll find titles (loosely) broken up into several categories, to make it easier for your browsing convenience. I hope you have fun with it! And as with each first Tuesday newsletter, I am putting asterisks *** next to the books that I have had the chance to read and loved.

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cover of Forager: Field Notes for Surviving a Family Cult: a Memoir by Michelle Dowd; an image of a hole through a book with a berry and leaves at the center

Biography and Memoir

Forager: Field Notes for Surviving a Family Cult: a Memoir by Michelle Dowd

Fat Off, Fat On: A Big Bitch Manifesto by Clarkisha Kent

The Watchmaker’s Daughter: The True Story of World War II Heroine Corrie ten Boom by Larry Loftis 

Stash: My Life in Hiding by Laura Cathcart Robbins


Tell the Rest by Lucy Jane Bledsoe

Pineapple Street by Jenny Jackson

cover of River Spirit by Leila Aboulela; photo of woman surrounded by rainbow swirls

River Spirit by Leila Aboulela

Old Babes in the Wood: Stories by Margaret Atwood 

Birnam Wood by Eleanor Catton

The Last Carolina Girl by Meagan Church

The Farewell Tour by Stephanie Clifford

The Last Beekeeper by Julie Carrick Dalton 

Women Are The Fiercest Creatures by Andrea Dunlop

At Sea by Emma Fedor

Confidence by Rafael Frumkin

Weyward by Emilia Hart

Now You See Us by Balli Kaur Jaswal

What Happened to Ruthy Ramirez by Claire Jimenez

Thirst for Salt by Madelaine Lucas

cover of Johanna Porter Is Not Sorry by Sara Read; illustration of a woman holding an empty picture frame

Johanna Porter Is Not Sorry by Sara Read

In Memoriam by Alice Winn

Love at Six Thousand Degrees by Maki Kashimada, Haydn Trowell (translator)

Middle Grade

The Guardian Test by Christina Soontornvat, illustrated by Kevin Hong

Pack Your Bags, Maggie Diaz by Nina Moreno, Courtney Lovett

You Are Here: Connecting Flights by Ellen Oh

Mystery and Thriller

The Golden Spoon by Jessa Maxwell

What Have We Done by Alex Finlay

The Protege by Jody Gehrman

cover of The Golden Spoon by Jessa Maxwell; illustration of a gold spoon with a manor estate at the end of it and blood on the side

All That Is Mine I Carry With Me by William Landay 

The London Séance Society by Sarah Penner

A Sinister Revenge (A Veronica Speedwell Mystery Book 8) by Deanna Raybourn


Tremors in the Blood : Murder, Obsession, and the Birth of the Lie Detector by Amit Katwala

Letters to a Writer of Color edited by Deepa Anappara and Taymour Soomro

Who Gets Believed?: When the Truth Isn’t Enough by Dina Nayeri 

Saving Time: Discovering a Life Beyond the Clock by Jenny Odell 

Black Ball: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Spencer Haywood, and the Generation That Saved the Soul of the NBA by Theresa Runstedtler

​​The Odyssey of Phillis Wheatley: A Poet’s Journeys Through American Slavery and Independence by David Waldstreicher

cover of Keep Looking Up: Your Guide to the Powerful Healing of Birdwatching by Tammah Watts; illustrations of hummingbirds

Keep Looking Up: Your Guide to the Powerful Healing of Birdwatching by Tammah Watts

The Kingdom of Prep: The Inside Story of the Rise and (Near) Fall of J.Crew by Maggie Bullock

Houseplants and Their Fucked-Up Thoughts: P.S., They Hate You by Carlyle Christoff

The Wonder Paradox: Embracing the Weirdness of Existence and the Poetry of Our Lives by Jennifer Michael Hecht


Heating the Outdoors by Marie-Andrée Gill, Kristen Renee Miller (translator)

Door (Penguin Poets) by Ann Lauterbach 

Drinking from Graveyard Wells: Stories (Contemporary Poetry And Prose) by Yvette Lisa Ndlovu

Tanya: Poems by Brenda Shaughnessy


cover of A Witch's Guide to Fake Dating a Demon by Sarah Hawley; illustration of man and woman standing back to back against a yellow background

A Witch’s Guide to Fake Dating a Demon by Sarah Hawley

Mr. & Mrs. Witch by Gwenda Bond

The Secret Lives of Country Gentlemen by KJ Charles

Sci-fi, Fantasy, and Horror

Monstrilio by Gerardo Sámano Córdova***

The Faithless (Magic of the Lost Book 2) by C. L. Clark

The God of Endings by Jacqueline Holland***

The Mimicking of Known Successes by Malka Older

The Fifth Wound by Aurora Mattia

The Faithless (Magic of the Lost Book 2) by C. L. Clark

Dead Country (Craft Wars #1) by Max Gladstone

cover of The Foxglove King (The Nightshade Crown Book 1) by Hannah Whitten; illustration of silver crown over a silver skull

The Trees Grew Because I Bled There: Collected Stories by Eric LaRocca

The Foxglove King (The Nightshade Crown Book 1) by Hannah Whitten 

Arca (The Five Queendoms) by G.R. Macallister 

Young Adult

My Dear Henry: A Jekyll & Hyde Remix by Kalynn Bayron

There Goes the Neighborhood by Jade Adia

Chloe and the Kaishao Boys by Mae Coyuito

Rosewood: A Midsummer Meet Cute by Sayantani DasGupta

Change the Game by Colin Kaepernick, Eve L. Ewing, Orlando Caicedo

The Jump by Brittney Morris

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orange cat staring intently off into the distance; photo by Liberty Hardy

This week: I’m currently reading Dust Child by Que Mai Phan Nguyen and Lucky Red by Claudia Cravens. Outside of books, I rewatched all of Firefly again because I plan to read the tie-in novels soon, and I have also been watching Switch and rewatching The New Adventures of Old Christine. I love Julia so, so much. The song stuck in my head right now is “Love Plus One” by Haircut 100, because I’ve switched the cats’ television viewing over from the Family Ties channel to the ’80s music video channel. (I leave the TV on for them when we’re not in the room.) And speaking of the cats, here’s a photo: This is Farrokh, staring intently out the window. What is he looking at, you ask? A bird? A squirrel? Nope — he sees his brother in the kitchen window, lol.

That’s it for me today, friends. I am sending you love and good wishes for whatever is happening in your life right now. Thank you, as always, for joining me each week as I rave about books! See you next week. – XO, Liberty ❤️