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🌴 The Japanese Bookstores Of Honolulu: Today In Books

The Japanese Bookstores Of Honolulu

In the early 1900s, Japanese people made up over 40% of Hawaii’s population. Yet the Honolulu library didn’t stock materials in Japanese, and even refused to serve Japanese people. A Japanese bookstore culture flourished in response. Read more about this little-known piece of history here.

Up On The Roof

The principal of Wiregrass Elementary School said he would spend a day on the school’s roof if his students logged 150,000 minutes of reading over the summer, and…they recorded 161,000 minutes. Watch him read student-selected books with a megaphone while delighted kids look on from below.

Professors Speak Out For Jennine Capó Crucet

Newsweek spoke to professors whose syllabi include Jennine Capó Crucet, the author whose books were burned by students following a talk at Georgia Southern University. Find out why those professors bring her work into their classroom here.