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#BlackRomanceMatters and All The Sexy Fairytales

It’s a new dawn, a new day, a new life, folks, and I’m feeling good. I finally sat down to read another author I’ve been following on Twitter forever, and now I just want to read all the erotic fairy tales.

I mean, uh.

Let’s talk about what’s been happening, eh?

News and Useful Links

The name Sue Grimshaw might have been coming across your feed if you’re on twitter, but if you’re not sure what has been going on for the past couple weeks, here is a good place to start. It’s an annotated transcript of the (twelve minute!) video that Suzan Tisdale posted, defending her actions in retaining Sue as an acquiring editor at her press.

With all of this stuff that’s happening, let’s celebrate why black romance matters.

Have you been keeping an eye on the lineup for KissCon? I mean…I had plans for my vacation funds lined up for 2020 but…that might change.

Authors don’t often change titles months after they’ve announced said title, but sometimes it’s necessary. For instance, Cat Sebastian apparently “revised the duchess right out of” what was formerly called The Duchess Deception and there’s a new title in its place!

What do you know about Naima Simone? Read this interview and try to keep yourself from buying too many things.

Ooh look what OprahMag thinks is worth checking out this year!


cover of the ultimate pi day party by jackie lauThe Ultimate Pi Day Party is 99 cents right now! This is the first in Jackie Lau’s Baldwin Village series, and if you couldn’t tell from the title, is about the ultimate party and all the math jokes. You’ve got a few days to read Pi Day and the follow-up, Ice Cream Lover, before Man vs. Durian comes out later this week. But we’ll talk about that one next time. I have a lot of feelings about Vivian and Peter.


I thought Dithered Hearts was going to be my only sexy fairytale this summer, and then I went and read all the things. And want more.

cover of Flashed by Zoey CastileFlashed by Zoey Castile

Y’all. I think this is my favorite of the Happy Endings series. And not even just because it’s basically a Beauty and the Beast retelling. It’s got messy people figuring out their shit and overcoming their obstacles, and sometimes it’s tied in a nice bow, and sometimes they have to work for it. Pat was the worst kind of Hollywood bad boy possible and now he’s a recluse, having been in a major accident that leaves him still physically able bodied but scarred across half of his body and with some major fears when it comes to people. He doesn’t know how to ask for help, and only takes it because it’s foisted upon him. And boy, is Lena thrust upon him. Hired to cook and clean—and in need of the money thanks to the worst stepmother ever—she manages not to quit on the first day (though it’s a near thing) and they form a sort of truce. Which becomes something else. There might be phones involved but I’ll let you find out.

(Also, that cover bothers me because Pat’s scars are important. And so is his hair!)

cover of Ariana by Ash DylanAriana by Ash Dylan

Set in a post-Apocalyptic America, this is the first in a series of erotic fairytales, and I’m excited to read the rest. Ash promises “an HEA and a lot of happy endings” and honestly, dude delivers. If you follow Ash on twitter, you see his ponderings of new stories to tell, and just want them all now. But luckily, we have a few to gnaw on while we wait, and oh man, are they delicious.

In Ariana, King Devin is the next in a line of suitors who will potentially allow Princess Ariana to live up to her potential and rule her land forever. Because her father was an asshole, he left a codicil in his will that she would only become ruler if she could be convinced to cut her hair and marry. Instead, she’s just been killing the dudes that show up at her door. Tan, Devin’s lover and bodyguard, is afraid that Devin will be the next in an ongoing, endless line of dead rulers, and takes matters into his own hands. But what if the three of them can work something else out?

I’m looking forward to checking out the next book in this series. Meanwhile, I’m off to find more sexy fairytales.

What are you reading this week?

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