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Latinx Rep Turned to Fifteen

Hi there, readers! It’s Thursday, and I’ll tell you, it’s been a week (if you follow me on Twitter you know what I’m talking about.) But I’m back from a great Book Lovers Con (even though my books aren’t, just yet) and I am happy to be surrounded by my own books once again.

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From the award-winning author of If I Was Your Girl, Meredith Russo, comes a heart-wrenching and universal story of identity, first love, and fate. Six years of birthdays reveal Eric and Morgan’s destiny as they come together, drift apart, fall in love, and discover who they’re meant to be—and if they’re meant to be together.

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So many single parents and OMG Sil, so much reading I have to do. Darn it!

Any book is a beach book if you’re reading it on the book, but I definitely agree with the recommendations in this list (the one’s I’ve read anyway). Not all of them are romance, but it’s always good to branch out.

I have also read very few of the books on this list, but I definitely recommend trying out some of the historicals set in unusual situations that I’ve read, like The Suffragette Scandal and Agnes Moor’s Wild Knight.

I’ve tried a couple different book subscription boxes, and I’ve realized that they’re just not for me. But if you’re like D.R., you might enjoy this one.

A couple of these are YA, but this is definitely a solid list of enemies-to-lovers romances for you to check out.

I took this quiz and it told me to read a book I legit considered starting two days ago (hint: it was Tamsen Parker’s If I Loved You Less) and I am actually going to take its advice.


cover of Listen to Me by Kristen ProbyIf you haven’t tried Kristen Proby’s Fusion series, I would definitely recommend trying Listen to Me, which is 1.99 right now. Even as late as it came out in my romance-reading career, this was the first book I looked at and realized…hey, I do like low-angst, like-you-from-the-start kind of romances. I’ve fallen behind in the series, but it’s definitely one I’d love to pick back up someday.

I’ll always mention The Duchess Deal when it’s on sale. It’s 1.99 right now, and since The Wallflower Wager comes out later this summer, it’s a great time to start the trilogy.

New and Upcoming Books

cover of American Fairytale by Adriana HerreraAmerican Fairytale
Adriana Herrera

If you’ve read American Dreamer, it should be no surprise to you that I am just ready to gush about this book. It’s the second in the series, and you definitely don’t have to have read the first one (but you should, anyway, because it’s great). As Adriana herself puts it, this is her take on the billionaire romance with the Latinx rep turned to fifteen.

After a Very Hot encounter at a gala (don’t listen to chapter one waiting in the school pick-up line) Milo and Tom encounter each other again in a very unexpected place: the organization for survivors where Milo works. Tom has made an incredibly large endowment (which happened before the two met) that will make amazing changes for the organization. With Milo being the point person for the project, he and Tom will meet regularly…which is totally not necessary but Tom wants to be around him as much as possible. The two have such obvious chemistry that it hurts when they’re not together, but they’re also in such a position that it’s completely understandable why they shouldn’t move forward with their relationship. Until they do, of course.

This is an amazing effing book, y’all. Also, there are great conversations about privilege and passing, among other fun things around the Latinx and LGBTQ+ communities. Read it immediately.

cover of Ice Cream Lover by Jackie LauIce Cream Lover
Jackie Lau

I know I just talked about Ultimate Pi Day Party, but I couldn’t help picking this one up when I was stuck on a plane in Denver. We met Chloe in Pi Day, when she’s establishing her ice cream shop and making friends with Sarah. Now, she’s chugging along, and can’t help but notice Drew, the guy who orders black coffee when he brings his niece in for ice cream. He doesn’t like ice cream and she just can’t change his mind. Drew, who used to love ice cream, hasn’t been able to stomach it since his runaway bride wrote a very silly-sounding book about inner ice cream sandwiches. It left a mark on him, and he’s got a lot to work through. But Drew and Chloe have obvious chemistry, and it’s fun to watch Oscar the Grouch and and Rainbow Sparkle fall in love.

Others I’m excited for:

cover of Kitten by Jack HarbonKitten by Jack Harbon
End Transmission by Robin Bachar (I have never actually read any of her books before, but someone mentioned the cover model looked like sci-fi-AOC and I can’t unsee it. Also the first words of the blurb are “Firefly meets James Bond” and hello sold.)
Summer by the Tides by Denise Hunter (possibly because I looked at that cover every day in NOLA; it was on the elevator, it was on my keycard, it was definitely subliminal)
To Love a Prince by Nana Malone
Star-Crossed by Minnie Darke
To Tame a Wild Cowboy by Lori Wilde
Starfish by Lisa Becker

Reading anything new this weekend?

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